Teva Games Going Strong

In years past, competitors at the Teva Mountain Games’ Homestake Creek Race could have taken a leak (ladies included) above the course and tripled the run’s flow. In 2005, racers bounced down a paltry 25 cfs, leading to Tao and Jay Kincaid getting pinned, and in 2006 they made do with 50 cfs, which still scraped hulls and egos. This year, however, things promise to be different...

Wing and a Prayer: A Duct-taped Shuttle Rig

Sometimes being able to improvise comes in handy on and off the river, as canoeist James Collins found out during a recent shuttle and encounter with the law. Score: Duct Tape 1, Canoeists, 0...

It’s a Wrap: Oil & Water Project Reaches Argentina

It was filled with surf, waterfalls, flat tires, break-downs, broken hearts and more, but now, more than 45,000 miles since setting off from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, in July 2006 to the tip of South America, kayaking adventurers Seth Warren and Tyler Bradt have successfully navigated the Americas in a converted Japanese fire truck running on Bio-fuels while spreading the gospel of alternative fuels. Oh yeah, and they bagged 35 new rivers, too...(Plus: special PL Q&A with the Sethinator...)

The Wave Ski Worlds Championships

Despite below average swell, New Zealand's Wave Ski World Championships Down went off with juniors Tyler Lausten and Alex Stubbs taking second and fourth, respectively, for the good ol' U.S. of A...

Conservation Alliance Brings the Bread

Thirteen organizations awarded $350K in funding, the largest sum in grant's history

Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic Set for May 11-12

Kayak fishing anglers are once again hoping for a Grand Slam of Florida redfish, trout and flounder at this year's Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Tourney, the largest of its kind in the world.

Mysterious Foam Plagues Green River

FOAM FLOATING IN GREEN RIVER INVESTIGATED from River Wire, March 26, 2007) An unusual foamy substance covering part of the surface of the Green River...

The Paddling Life

Early-season kayaking, a packraft/ski combo, rock gardening in sea kayaks, kayak fishing and more...

Old Town Canoe Rerstores Warehousing to Old Town, ME

Old Town Canoe firm returning to its roots By Aimee Dolloff Tuesday, March 20, 2007 - Bangor Daily News OLD TOWN - Old Town Canoe, a landmark...

Canoe Tripper’s Self-rating Test!

Think you're a veritable Cliff Jacobsen when it comes to canoe tripping? Take this quiz, adapted from Canadian Canoe Rotues, to find out just how woolly you are (loser buys the beer...)

Professor Paddle

Jen Kleck, 37, owner of San Diego, Calif.’s Aqua Adventures, is on a mission. Not Mission Bay, where her sea kayak company puts 3,000 people on the water each year, but a mission for a U.S. first: In May, she heads to the UK to test for her Level 5 Coaching certification from the British Canoe Union (BCU). Only three women in the entire world have the honor. Paddling Life caught up with Jen on a recent paddling trip to Baja to find out more about the upcoming certification.

Swell Love at the Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Festival

Epic conditions make for epic competitions and the infamous Steamer Lane surf break in Santa Cruz, California provided six-foot glassy waves all weekend at the Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Festival March 16-18th.

Boating Barometers

Each spring, two consumer events serve as annual barometers of the boating industry: Rutabaga’s Canoecopia, in Madison, Wis.; and The Jersey Paddler’s Paddlesport, to be held March 23-25 in Somerset, N.J. As the first such industry indicator, Canoecopia shows that we’re in good hands. Paddling Life went straight to the top to find out what trends to look for in the coming year...

Yakima Announces New

YAKIMA LAUNCHES “PLANET PAYBACK,” 100% CARBON NEUTRAL INITIATIVE BEAVERTON, Ore. (March 8, 2007) – Yakima, an innovator in vehicle rack solutions for boats, bikes,...

Legacy Announces New Sales Rep Program

New rep force to handle Heritage, Native and Liquidlogic brands

Whitewater Courses & Parks Conference Slated for April 18-20

Whitewater Courses and Parks Conference 2007 to Showcase Increasingly Diverse Projects and Address Evolving Issues (Springfield, VA) – The second international conference on the development...

Dr. Aqua: Spoutin’ Off on Foxes, Babies and Boozing

Dr. Aqua is a slacker. He’s been surfing the snow and living through the cold winter. And letting his column go as dry as the Rio Grande in September. He (I) also speaks in the third person. I’m back and ready to rip, cajole and congratulate.

Paddling Life/NRG Kayaking College Tour Going Off

The female anatomy's got nothing on paddling. Despite it being Fat Tuesday and competing with the Vagina Monologues, Sam Drevo's Paddling Life/NRG Kayaking College Tour went off big time at the University of Oregon Feb. 20-21, drawing more than 100 people to the film fest and pool demo...

Cereal of the Month!

Finally, PL's much-awaited Cereal of the Month Award bestowed on a truly worthy candidate. No, it’s not Life cereal, as some might expect, but rather darkhorse contestant Kroger Frosted Wheat Puffs, complete with a bug-eyed frog padding a whitewater ribbon of milk through a frosted wheat puff boulder garden.

Justine Curgenven Unfiltered

Justine Curgenven is a badass. She paddles her sea kayak through raging surf in remote locales and makes movies about it. She was part of the first all female team to circumnavigate Tasmania. She climbs, bikes and, on occasion, skis. In short, we’re big fans.

Makin’ Movies Like the Big Dogs

As video cameras become more compact and affordable, it seems that every paddler fancies himself a filmmaker. And thanks to modern computer technology, many of these Spielberg wannabes are turning out videos that look like the real thing. Paddling filmmaker Ammen Jordan Drops Knowledge to help you shoot like a pro.

Busted on the Grand

At around 4:20 p.m., Feb. 2, nine members of a Grand Canyon party were finally allowed to put on after five other group members were denied access after getting busted for dope at the put-in. Paddling Life looks into the issue, complete with an honorary re-naming of certain rapids in the Park Service's honor...

Lost At Sea?

Expeditions are dangerous and peril is part of the game—whether you’re on a whitewater run or sea kayak crossing. It’s the latter that has Paddling Life following the phenomenal exploits of Trans-Tasman kayaker Andrew McAuley. Reports surfaced today (Feb. 9) from Australia that there’s a possibility he has gone missing.

The Paddling Life–February Update!

Ramblings on the state of paddling mags (complete with forum thread), sea kayaking in the SuperBowl and Robert Kennedy Jr.'s paddling prowess...

Latest news

6 Days/6 Rivers: A Costa Rican Kayaking Odyssey with Amazing Vacations

“Buenas Lineas,” says our guide Arnaldo Cespedes. “Good lines.” We just finished scouting a Class IV rapid called Robin Hood...
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2021 Photo Contest Entries Are In

2021 Photo Contest Entries 2021 was a great year to get out and paddle. Check out some of the incredible...

Win a pair of Loyak water shoes from Astral

    More sweepstakes from Astral Win a BirdDog PFD from Astral Win an Astral E-Ronny PFD  

Must read

Race to Alaska Organizers Shift Gears

The premise of Race to Alaska (R2AK) is quite...
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SUPping the Bermuda Triangle

You've heard of the Bermuda Triangle, the demise of countless ships. Hopefully, the same fate won't befall stand-up paddlers Bill Whiddon and Thaddeus Foote who are planning the first-ever attempt to stand-up paddle (SUP) over 48 miles across the Gulf Stream, from Bimini, Bahamas to Miami, Florida.

Fluid Changes Focus to Rec and Fishing Markets for 2015

For now, at least, Fluid fans will have to make do without much fanfare for a new whitewater model release. For the first time in 12 years, the company announced that it will not release any new whitewater models this year, instead focusing on introducing its South African born and bred recreational and fishing range in Europe and the USA.