Paddling Life — Digital Media Kit

Have a captive audience at your fingertips every day with the most affordable marketing buy in the industry. Become a partner with Paddling Life, the industry’s leading online magazine. Founded by a team of industry veterans with more than 50 years of paddlesports publishing experience, and with a new re-design and better search engine optimization than ever, Paddling Life keeps its fingers on the sport’s pulse through timely news coverage, event updates, profiles, gear reviews, video links, photo galleries, story links and more. Our goal: to support and grow paddlesports and keep the sport’s stoke alive.

Partnering with Paddling Life offers far more than just an online ad buy. It presents a straight-forward, cost-effective solution through a variety of value-added programs to reach a targeted audience with one of the most affordable marketing messages in the industry. Our media template can support a range of marketing strategies from simple static logo placement to interactive advertorial campaigns. New media placements can be brought on-line and updated quickly.

Recognizing our best strength is storytelling, our new Branded Content marketing program offers partners custom stories (quantity varies with campaign’s duration) published on both Paddling Life as well as partner websites and social channels. Stories run from product reviews to athlete, ambassador and business profiles — all geared specifically to each partner’s needs. Augmenting this editorial coverage are newsletter sponsorships, conventional banner campaigns, Product Showcase inclusion and social promotion.

Branded Content Partnership Packages

Duration12 months 6 months 3 months
Branded stories632
Ads1 320×50
1 728×90
1 300×250
1 320×50
1 728×90
1 300×250
1 320×50
1 728×90
1 300×250
Product Showcases631
Newsletter sponsorships1263
Package cost$300/month
($3,600 total)
($2,100 total)
($1,200 total)

* Distributed twice-monthly to more than 19,500 active subscribers

** Ask about our special “Billboard” positions (970×250), “Tower” ad size (300×600) and site-takeover/wrap options, available at a premium

Additional options:

Site Wrap:A special program priced at $450/month (to run every other month in conjunction with native posts.)
Click here for example
Billboard 970×250:Position runs monthly at $400/month
Social posts: We can roll these into the program for all branded stories, penetrating our FB and IG platforms.


A la Carte Banner Ad Pricing:

Duration and Rates12 months 6 months 3 months
Newsletter sponsorships432
Product Showcases321

Statistics & Demographics:

  • Guaranteed minimum monthly impressions (per ad): 20,000
  • Monthly Users: 17,000
  • Monthly Page Views: 54,000
  • Newsletter sponsorships: Our newsletters are sent out twice monthly to a subscriber list of 19,500 paddlers.
  • Countries: 74% US; 10% Canada; 8% Australia; 3% Denmark; 2.5% UK; 2.5% other
  • Top 10 US States (in order): Virginia, California, Colorado, Texas, Washington, North Carolina, Florida, Oregon, Georgia, Tennessee
  • Age: 27% 18-24; 33% 25-34; 15% 35-44; 12% 45-54; 5% 55-64;5% 65+
  • Gender: 45% Female/54% Male
  •  Year-over-year growth (July. 2022): Unique views: +185.2%; Page views: 93.5%

    Top month: 18,000 unique visits, 62,000 page views.

Advertising Specifications: Easy, Fast and Flexible…Please allow five (5) business days for us to test standard .gif/.jpg art submissions. Elements not meeting specifications may be returned for revision.

Supported Ad Sizes

  • Leaderboard 728×90
  • Mobile Leaderboard 320×50
  • Standard 300×250
  • Tower 300×600
  • Billboard 970×250

Don’t have the capacity to design your own ad? Paddling Life can build it for you at our rate of $85/hour.

Publisher: EUGENE BUCHANAN, (970) 870-1376,

Ad Sales: Nick Hinds, (425) 205-0573,

Associate: Aaron Bible, (303) 522-6443,