Photo Caption Contest Winners!


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OK, so the writers of the below might be better kayakers than they are comedians, but like stepping up to run a big drop they had the courage to submit their entries to our soon-to-be-on-Jimmy-Fallon Paddling Life Photo Caption contest and be entered, yes, in a drawing for a sweet goodie from the coveted Paddling Life Schwag Closet!

Our new contest is up and running so if you want to join this esteemed comic club (and try your own hand at winning some schwag) Click Here and trade your water skills for witticism.

Paddling Life Photo Caption Contest Winners!

(FYI the paddlers in question are none other than kayaking icons Rob Lesser and Joe Pulliam on Idaho’s upper Bruneau/Jardridge rivers…but don’t ask us how they got there or how long they stayed).

“You know, you can get rid of that bathtub ring with a little Clorox…”

—Tom Johnson

Not a good time to be singing “Tiny bubbles…”

—Nancy Preston

Rub-a- dub dub, two men in a tiny tub!

—Amy Hook

“This new tandem bathtub looked a lot more fun on YouTube.”

—Joe Booth

Bath Tub Falls proved a disappointment, but any day on the water is better than a day in the office.

—Nelson Stegall

Enough with the shrinkage when cold jokes!

—Wesley Schultz

“Our pricey kayaks didn’t make it, but this old steel tub did.”

—Matt (BearNaturals)

“I told you not to pee in the tub.”

—Chris Arnis

Two peas in a pod, floating down the river…

—Michael Daughtery

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