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Video Clip of the Day Archives

Goodness Gracious, Great Falls of Fire! Rafa Ortiz fires up Great Falls.
Courtesy RedBull Content Pool

Underground Cave Kayaking, Courtesy of Red Bull!

Yowza! Dane Jackson’s 2016 Highlight Reel!

Sea Riders on the Storm Brazilian kayakers chase huge storm surf off the Coast of Shipwrecks!

Kayaker chased by a shark!

2016 Cherry Creek Race (courtesy Pup n Suds Productions)

Chasing Niagara

Inside the Madawaska Canoe Centre

Thank god for gymnastics as a kid: Luc Strickland and his “kayak vault” live-bait rescue at this year’s Green Race.

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Rescue @ Green River Race- Luc Strickland is the live baiter. Swimmer- Nick Fiedler. From Micah Cox: “Nick has a compression fracture of L1, L2, and his tailbone. He’s in high spirits and wants his redemption. He’ll be back in a boat in about 8 weeks.”If you know him, and even if you don’t, applaud this man because he paddled out afterward.Longer video with more racers:

Posted by Gwendolyn Sarah Arvidson on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Watch the 2015 World Kayak Freestyle Champs Here!

Support the Uganda Freestyle Team! Watch this video!

The 2015 North Fork Championships!

NORTH FORK CHAMPIONSHIP IV (Preview) from The North Fork Championship on Vimeo.

New Film, Troubled Water, Released to Protect Costa Rica’s Pacuare River. View here!

Inspiration through paddling: Emily Jackson’s TEDx Talk!

A Kid’s Favorite Things About Rivers.
By Skip Armstrong/American Rivers

Can you say Rock Jet Turn? Pedro Olivia’s First Descent of Brazil’s Salto Manduri.

Friday Night Lights: Footie of surfin’ the Chattahoochee. By Chris Edmonds/High Attitude Video

The latest from Red Bull: Steve Fisher and Pat Keller charging New York’s Hanging Spear Falls.


The NOC’s GAF Festival Cascades Release on the Nantahala

The paddling Life Creek race, Fish Creek, Steamboat Springs, CO

Fish Creek Race from Steve Shepler on Vimeo.

Go-Pro Carnage: Evan Garcia leg-breaking beat-down on the third descent of Puma, the highest waterfall ever run in Chile.
See more at

Inside the USACK’s new Oklahoma City Whitewater Course, via a scale model walk-through with designer Scott Shipley

Shredalicious: Scenes from the ICF Kayak World Freestyle Championships at NOC

The Plastic Bottle Kayak Expedition!

Tyler Bradt’s Wizard’s Eye Expedition: Sailing away for a 5-year adventure.

Stookesberry, Oliva and company at it again, this time kayaking among lava flows…

NRS Presents: No Disabilities on the Water — Kayaking with Greg Mallory

Official Congo: Grand Inga Project Trailer (winner of this year’s National Paddling Film Festival)

Murmuration: A couple of canoeists in Ireland capture an unearthly bird phenomenon…

Santa Claus Kayaking the Great Falls of the Potomac!

Running Class V in Russian Bublik boats.

See It For Yourself: New Rockfall at Warm Springs Rapid on the Yampa River!

Rafa Ortiz Running Washington’s 186-foot Palouse Falls (courtesy Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

The Warrior By Forge Motion Pictures. Brought to you by New Belgium and NRS

Jackson Kayak TV Episode 5: Host Nick and Dane, Stookesberry’s Falls Creek First D, and More!

Tao Berman’s Retirement Party (surfing the biggest waves ever ridden in a kayak)

Seal SUP in Santa Barbara!

Spectacular Time Lapse Dam “Removal” Video

October 28, 2011 — The White Salmon River in Washington state is flowing again as the nearly 100-year-old Condit Dam was disabled with explosives Wednesday. The reservoir draining took about 2 hours. Further demolition is scheduled in 2012. The event is a significant milestone for river restoration and dam removal nationwide.

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Noccalula’s Door:Freefall footage of Pat Keller, Isaac Levinson and Chris Gragtmans running Alabama’s Noccalula Falls (

Canoeing Cats! (Courtesy Jim Moodie)

Kayak Ripped in Half by Fish Creek!

Dane Jackson 35 mph Mambo Surf, Detonator Wave, Alma, Quebec

Ultimate Geese Surf (Glenwood Springs Wave, CO)

Ultimate Sweet-ass Desert Kayak Trip?
Billy Rankin and company notching a 2-day self-support of the Zion and Virgin rivers in Zion Nat’l Park.

A boof’s-eye view of Nick Troutman running Homestake Creek at this year’s Teva Mtn. Games, thanks to sponsor GoPro.

Jessie Coombs and his first descent of Oregon’s Abiqua Falls. Bonus: Tips from Lucas Gilman on nailing the shot.

Close Call with a Basking Shark!

Foam Boat Team Trials!

High Water on the North Fork: A sneak peak at Anson Fogel’s Wildwater footie of kayaking the North Fork Payette at flood last June

Hucking on the Huallaga: Fresh Team Telluride footage of their first descent of Peru’s Rio Huallaga, the last un-run tributary of the Amazon (starring Nate Klema, Evan Ross, Matt Wilson and more)

10 Year Tao Teaser: Just in time for the holidays, a teaser of Tao’s cajones over the past 10 years

Suck at Kayaking? Check this vid from Simon Willis ( on the National Sucking at Kayaking Team Trials!

Locals Only Teaser: Check out Billy Harris, Dru Lyall, Emily Lussin, Bryan Kirk, Chris Gragtmans and more in this sneak peak of rad-dad kayak flick Locals Only.


How hard is kayaking? Any Bozo can do it…

Monster Slide: Hugh Graham, Nick Horwood and Finn Burrows get their adrenaline flowing at the same speed as this first descent in Norway.

Into the Jaws of the Beast: Kayaking the North Fork Payette’s Jaws at record flows.

Oil tanker surfing in the Gulf by C4 Waterman

The most moving paddling footage you’ll ever see…Birthright, by filmmaker Sean Mullens.

Holy Sleighride, Batman! Kayak fisherman gets 11-mile tow by marlin!

Surf’s Up with…you guessed it, Steve Fisher!

Check out Kayak Fisherman Drew Basser Attacked by a Goose!

A Balls-out Touring Teaser with the Hurricane Riders!

What’s SUP, Santa? Merry Christmas from PL and the K5 Paddle Surf Shop

Epic OC4 Surf Session!

Foamies Rule! A Tom Thumb-sized Trailer from Wet Dreams.

Mirror Image: Straight from the World Slalom Championships, a split-screen comparison of Slovenian winner Peter Kauser’s run with Ireland’s Ciaran Heurteau!

Nick Troutman’s training tips from the 2009 World Freestyle Champs. Plus: a back flip off the Air Ramp!

Dan Gavere pushing the SUP envelope yet again by running Punchbowl Falls on the West Hood. Take 1. Take 2, Take 3!

The latest trailer from Rush Sturges and company: Dream Result

Demshitz boyz rescue overturned tugboat!

In Honor of FIBArk’s 61st anniversary (and Andy Corra’s recent victory), a special downriver clip from the archives (Mae West’s not included) …

The latest from Rush Sturges and Company!

PL’s Eugene Buchanan on his first descent of Peru’s Upper Colca Canyon (second expedition picks up this week where last year’s left off)!

Tyler Bradt’s recrod waterfall drop of 186-foot Palouse

Inside the filming of MacGillivray Freeman’s Grand Canyon Adventure: Mounting the Imax through Lava Falls!

Going Huge rafting Oregon’s Green Truss

Little White Salmon Helmet Cam by Evan Garcia (March 1, 2009).

White Nile Short Film

Uganda 2007 – The White Nile.

Whitewater Kayak Fishing with Heliconia Press!

Team River Runner Getting it Done in Costa

Tao on His Run for House Rep!”

Gore Canyon at Flood!

Teva Games Bird-Cam

Teva Mt. Games Homestake Race

Lochsa Madness

Some Canoeists Never Learn

Big Wave Surfing

Alpacka rafting

PL Invitational: Stephen Wright’s Winning Freestyle Ride

Fun With Blowup Dolls

Multi-Day Tubing

Oil and Water Project

Rafters Going Huge


Featured Video Clips


<!–  Tao Berman Pulse Video Teaser 

Pulse Teaser by Eric Link

Night of the Living Donkey.

Order at


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