Supalicious: 5 Top Inflatable SUPs for Every Occasion


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Class III rapids? SUP it. Waves? Those, too. Lake? SUP that also, giving you a view of the fish below. From grandma to Kai Lenny, SUPing is literally for everyone and today’s line-up of cutting-edge inflatables make them better then ever. Frankly, we don’t think any paddler’s garage is complete without a SUP or two in the quiver. And with technology exploding, there’s a board out there now for nearly any type of water…which might be overwhelming. We get it. That’s why we gathered up a few of our favorite boards for every occasion in our What’s Up with Sup gear roundup.

Hala’s Atcha 9’6″

Born from Paddling Life’s home waters in Colorado, it’s never hard for us to brag about Hala’s SUPs. Hala is the leading brand in whitewater SUPs and inflatable technology, and extended their SUP fleet to include all-around, tour/race, ocean and river surf, yoga, and fish/expedition boards. The tried and true, whitewater Atcha SUP will always be our go-to though. Stable and playful all in the same breath, the Atcha is the ideal downriver board. With the bomber-proof, double-stitched Core Construction, you can trust this board to be as burly as any whitewater run. That being said, the swallowtail and full rocker specs means that no agility or movability is lost to the board’s sturdiness. Featuring two cloths side handles, removable fins, and a Backcountry Rolling Backpack, the Atcha makes a great low-profile, road trip companion. Hala Atcha 9’6″ 
Available at CKS Online

Red’s Ride MSL SUP Inflatable Paddleboard

Proven to be a trusty stead, it’s no wonder they call the Ride MSL the Swiss Army knife of boards. With a width averaging at 32″, we found this board to definitely favor stability over agility. That’s part of the reason this board is great for flat water or even the occasional small ocean or lake peelers. If you’re looking for a versatile board that works for anyone in the fam, we say go with the Ride MSL in your choice of size (10’8″, 10’6″, 9’8″). Oh, and maybe we forgot to mention…the Ride MSL is the world’s most popular inflatable SUP and boasts multiple industry and consumer awards. Red’s Ride MSL

NRS Osprey Fishing Inflatable SUP Board

The unsung benefit of a SUP: a better vantage point for sighting fish and pinpointing casts. The Osprey takes a more utilitarian approach to shape, as certainly matters for fishing. It incorporates a stiffer anatomy for stability, and PVC and double stitched sidewalls for the durability to handle fishermens’ lifestyles. The board comes with details that count, like daisy chain rings for rigging tackle boxes and coolers, and Scotty accessory mounts for rods, bait boards, or transducer arms. NRS Osprey Fishing SUP

SOL’s SOLfiesta Inflatable Paddle Board

We call this one the party barge. The SOLfiesta is a grande, double-wide SUP that can carry multiple paddlers, coolers, and canines down nearly anything. Wide enough to do multi-person yoga, and also wide enough for lawn chair drinking; whatever your speed. Fun and games aside, this board makes for a great multi-day expedition craft. For a shorter trip, it’s easier to deal with than a raft, but has more space and volume than a normal SUP, canoe, or kayak. With double the gear tie downs, we have no problem rigging to flip with this one. SOLfiesta

BOTE’s Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

Easy on the water and the wallet. BOTE made the Breeze for everyone, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts, and for anywhere. It’s an easy rider with a 33′ width and an extra wide tail. Weighing in around 20 lbs, it’s 20% lighter than most inflatable paddle boards. With that said, we found it to be the easiest board out of the water too. With sling connection points and a Breeze backpack, you can travel or store board SUPer easy. If you’re just dipping a toe into SUPing, this is a perfect board to start with. BOTE Aero Breeze

Level Six 10.6 Ultralight Inflatable SUP

The Level Six 10.6 Ultralight inflatable SUP is great for paddling inland lakes, coastal waters, fitness and SUP yoga. The stable design suits beginners in calm waters or venture out into surf conditions and try to ride your fist wave. It tracks well, letting you develop skills and efficient strokes on either side, and is perfect for any occasion on the water. The Ultralight series is 30% lighter, stiffer, and more compact when rolled up than many other inflatable SUPs thanks to Mono-Layer fusion construction. And at only 19 lbs. any age or ability paddler can take this board to and from the water. It has a max PSI of 20 and the carbon side rails allow it to be just 4.7 inches thick instead of the customary 6 inches, making it feel and perform more like a traditional epoxy board. Level Six 10.6


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