How to Get Started SUP Fishing


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(By Isabelle Mariner): Why use a stand-up paddleboard for fishing? There are plenty of reasons, outlined below:

Why Use A Stand-Up Paddle Board for Fishing?

 Here’s why paddleboards make a great choice when fishing:

  • They offer a better range of vision from a standing-up vantage point
  • They facilitate exploring your chosen waterway
  • They provide a noise reduction advantage
  • THey’re affordable, come in different styles, and are easy to pack

Things to Consider for Your Fishing SUP

  • Shape and size: The shape of a paddleboard is relative to its overall stability . The optimal shape is usually wide across the entire board from nose to tail; stability equals better cast-line. The size also provides extra space for fishing gear.
  • Weight capacity: Weight capacity is important because the board is meant to carry the angler and their fishing gear . The ideal capacity of a stand-up fishing paddle board is around 250 to 300 lbs.
  • Attachment points: Attachment points hold the rod and the gear you might bring along. You can tie down the gear with bungee cords using action mounts and D-rings, great for fastening SUP fishing gear accessories, such as rod holders, coolers, and fishing tackle.

SUP Fishing PFD/Life Vest

Your most important piece of gear when SUP fishing is to always wear a properly fitting personal flotation device while on the water — life jackets are easy to wear and are practical and comfortable. Many fishing-specific PFDs also have several pockets and places for accessories and other fishing gear. Also, follow your local regulations.

Cooler and Folding Chair

Some people prefer coolers as their chair, and others a kayak seat or even a low-profile folding chair. When shopping for a seat, cooler or folding chair a, bear in mind the standing-up position dimensions; the weight of both the chair and cooler should be considered concerning the kayak’s weight capacity. Other great cooler options include soft coolers that strap low, with a low-center of gravity.

Sun Protection

Wear sunscreen and proper clothing to protect you from harmful UV rays, as well as  anti-glare sunglasses with polarized lenses. These lenses deflect damaging rays and help you easily paddle the boat from sunny to dark areas. To avoid skin irritation, try a long-sleeve rash guard; this swimwear acts as a barrier from the sun and damaging UV rays.

SUP Fishing Rod Holders

Rods can be uncomfortable, awkward and tiring when paddling. A SUP fishing rod holder is the perfect place to set the rod aside securely. When shopping for fishing rod holders, ensure it’s compatible with your rod (or purchase a universal rod holder). To secure the rod in place, remember to buy a locking mechanism.

SUP Fishing Anchor

Paddle boards are rather light and at some point when you stop to cast the water will cause a drift moving it from one place to another and taking you out of fishing range. SUP anchors are designed to keep the board in place and stop drifting. Consider a compact and lightweight SUP fishing anchor; such anchors are easy to place and don’t consume much space.

SUP Leash

While most fishing SUPs are built to be stable, you still need to take precautions in case you fall off. You can lose balance and tip over when casting the rod. Luckily, a coiled SUP leash that attaches to your PFD or ankle will help keep the board from drifting away from you in the event in event you fall off. (Note: if you’re planning on doing much river paddling, especially in light whitewater, get a quick-release leash that attaches to your life jacket.)

Paddle Holder

Like the rod holder, a paddle holder is a useful device to place paddles safely and get to fishing without worrying about paddles falling or drifting into the water. Some paddle holders are fitted to paddle boards, and others can be installed. No matter what style anglers pick, it’ll will come in handy when you need both hands.

Cell Phone Waterproof Case

Communication and locating destinations are handy on excursions, so a cell phone is a great accessory to bring along, both for safety as well as recording your catch and locations. Bring a waterproof phone case that you can access easily to keep it safe.

Dry Storage Bag

Dry bags come in various sizes and are used to safely store valuables, clothing and more by providing a water-tight enclosure that protects items from damage. Mid-sized dry bags that can be placed within the bungee work great for SUP fishing.

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