Teva Mountain Games Wrap-Up


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Teva Wrap-up

Anybody for a Jackson sandwich?

Eric Jackson continued his winning ways Saturday, taking first in the pro men’s freestyle event. He was closely paced by his 14-year-old son Dane who finished third just behind Stephen Wright. To top it off, Emily Jackson won the women’s freestyle event for the third year in a row.

“Unbelievable. Last year, Emily and I had a great round and I thought that was about as good as it gets,” Eric told the Vail Daily. “Having Dane get into the top three blew me away. Watching him is very inspirational.”

It was a well rounded Teva Games for the senior Jackson. He won the Dowd Chute Paddlecross, the freestyle event plus he won an Everest Award for male kayaker of the year. Tanya Faux won for female kayaker of the year.

Tao Berman was another big winner, taking the Dagger Steep Creek Championship on Homestake Creek and winning the men’s downriver sprint. He also finished fifth in the team portion of the Ultimate Mountain Challenge (kayaking, mtn. biking, running). Floyd Landis, who tested positive for synthetic testosterone during the Tour de France earlier this year, was one of his teammates.

Men’s Freestyle

1. Eric Jackson
2. Stephen Wright
3. Dane Jackson
4. Ed Smith
5. Daniel Krummach

Women’s Freestyle

1. Emily Jackson
2. Ruth Gordon
3. Devon Barker

Men’s Downriver Sprint

1. Tao Berman
2. Jason Beakes
3. Jules Campbell
4. Geoff Calhoun
5. Brad Ludden

Women’s Downriver Sprint

1. Nikki Kelly
2. Kate Stepan
3. Kristen Podolak
4. Danelle Ballangee
5. Keri Nelson

Men’s 8 Ball

1. Andrew Holcombe
2. Nick Troutman
3. Rush Sturges
4. Lawrence Simpson
5. Todd Baker
6. Matt Fithian

Women’s 8 Ball

1. Eleanor Perry
2. Devon Barker
3. Tanya Faux
4. Emily Jackson

East vs. West Rodeo

East – 146.5 (East Wins)
Zach Mitchell – 69
Eric Bissel – 60
Amy Leppo – 17.5

West – 138.5
Josh Oberleas – 45
Nick Vanderhoof – 44.5
Jaime Goode – 49

The Dagger Steep Creek Championships

Sometimes, the most trying circumstances bring out the best in us. Take Katie Hilleke for example. The cancer survivor kicked the life-threatening disease in the ass yesterday at the Teva Mountain Games, taking third in the Dagger Steep Creek Championships at Homestake Creek.

“It hasn’t been very long. I got sick on July 4 and my last chemo treatment was Feb. 2,” Hilleke told the Denver Post. “Everything could have gone so many different ways. There were about seven weeks when we didn’t know what my survival chances were going to be. I’m so proud to have made it through everything and be competitive in kayaking again and be back in shape, all by the end of May.”

Nikki Kelly continued her dominance at this year’s Teva Games, by winning yesterday at Homestake. She also won Wednesday’s Dowd Chute Race.

Tao Berman won his third Steep Creek title, beating out Brad Ludden and Andrew Holcombe.

But the day was all about Hilleke, a North Carolina resident who is using the Teva Games to kick off her Simple Life Adventures tour of the west ( where pledges for every mile she paddles in June and July will go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Brad Ludden’s First Descents kayaking camp for kids suffering from cancer.

Dagger Steep Creek Championship Results


1. Tao Berman (#188)
2. Brad Ludden (#330)
3. Andrew Holcombe (#310)


1. Nikki Kelly (#317)
2. Lizzie English (#282)
3. Katie Hilleke (#362)

View Denver Post article here.

Dowd Chute Paddlecross


1. Eric Jackson (#156)
2. Tao Berman (#188)
3. Jason Beakes (#310)


1. Nicky Kelly (#317)
2. Shannon Carroll (#197)
3. Tanya Faux (#295)

Raft Results:

1. Teva 8-Ball
2. Maravia
3. Pinchie Time

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