Open Air Dynamics Announces New SUP Construction


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In November, Open Air Dynamics announced the creation of its own facility for producing standup paddleboards featuring is patented thermoSUP™ technology.

Made through a hybrid construction process, thermoSUP uses thermoformed ABS sheets and composite materials to build what it heralds as durable, maintenance-free, abrasion-resistant boards. When used in conjunction with its new honeytechCORE™—a semi-hollow, molded foam core—technique, the company feels “the method, will direct the future of stand up paddleboard manufacturing.”

“Looking at the challenges we and other brands have faced in the past—from meeting the demands of the rapid growth to dealing with shipping large fragile items around the world— thermoSUP™ is a game changer for us,” says Open Air Dynamics founder Nate Brouwer. “It’s amazing to watch materials come into the facility and boards go out on the same day. The ability to now control our production, forecast inventory and stock our third party logistics warehouses across the U.S. is a big bonus for our dealers.”

In comparison to traditional fiberglass composite boards, thermoSUP construction offers superior impact strength, he adds, with the cleaner, eco-friendly process also reduces the amount of consumables used in production. The company recycles the ABS offcuts, he says, and creates a significantly longer-lasting board.

With full ownership of the thermoSUP process and equipment, Brouwer notes the portability of the new facility being yet another motivation for the work that went into developing thermoSUP over the last three years. “Our work is far from finished,” Brouwer says.

“It’s important to us to continue down the path of bringing production back onshore. We understand the value consumer place in knowing that Tahoe SUP boards are made in the U.S.A.”
The Tahoe SUP brand will feature two models offering the new construction in 2015: the Rubicon and the PaddleCraft.


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