Nova Craft Builds Yesterday’s Canoe With Tomorrow’s Technology


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Using the latest technologies, Nova Craft Canoe has built their first ever Cronje in Aramid Lite, a material that has proven to have considerable longevity and increased structural strength. The Cronje was originally designed by the Chestnut Canoe Company to be a fast,
reliable canoe for people who have a destination in mind. By using Aramid Lite, this canoe’s hull is built entirely of Aramid, and in combination with the style of the Cronje, this canoe is not only fast and smooth, but isextremely durable and light-weight.

According to the Nova Craft website, the Crojne canoe is described as being “ideally suited to paddlers who want to challenge big, open water by covering distance with ease. Fast lines and excellent tracking make it a joy to use. Cargo capacity isn’t compromised for speed and the canoe handles well both with a load and empty. Its lower profile means less wind drag on the water and lower weight on the portage trail. The Cronje is most at home in landscapes with large open lakes like the famed Boundary Waters or Algonquin Park.”

President of Nova Craft, Tim Miller says, “The Aramid Lite Cronje fills a market niche; it fills the need for an ultra-lite expedition canoe for the portageur.” At only 42 pounds, this canoe provides Nova Craft customers with a product that suits their specific needs at a competitive price.

For more information on the Cronje check out:

For more information on AramidLight check out:

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