Jackson Kayaks Antix 2.0 vs. Antix 1.0 with video


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How does the Antis 2.0 compare to the Antix 1 from Jackson Kayaks?


Miles De Feyter: “It’s Miles De Feyter here with PaddlingLife.com. Today we’re gonna talk to Eugene Buchanan, our editor in chief and Big Water Dave on the differences between the old Antix and the new Antix 2.0 from Jackson Kayaks.”

Eugene: “Well hi folks, Eugene Buchanan here with Paddling Life. I’ve got the Antix 2.0 right here and I’ve got to say, I love this baby. Just got off seven days on the Middle Fork of the Salmon at 4.5 ft, just epic, epic surf. Great combination between lack of squirrelienous and mix of surfing. I think a lot of that has to do with more volume and rocker up front on the 2.0, which keeps the nose from pearling on the steep waves with the flat deck on the back that just sets it in like the surfboards that can just carve the heck out of anything you’re on. Dave, what have you you’ve noticed?”

Big Water Dave: “Yeah, So I have the Antix 1.0 and then just recently started paddling the 2.0 and the differences I see between the Jackson Antix 1 and 2 are a little higher deck on the 2.0, so it’s more comfortable, fits my legs and knees a lot better than the Antix 1.0 did. This is also, like Eugene said, it’s a great surfing boat. I really like that. Old guys, we like to serve and, you can really stand this up pretty nicely as a tail stand. I can’t do that because that’s beyond my pay grade. My son who paddled the 2.0 can stand it up on any thing.”

Eugene: “Yeah, it does stern squirts quite a bit easier than the original Antix. Actually. We paddled this river, the Elk river here, north of Steamboat Springs with Clay Wright the other day, Jackson paddler Clay Wright just took second at the Worlds in the Masters division. He was squirting this thing on every eddy line there was, I saw him come into one eddy, stern squirt and turn right onto a surf way. That’s exactly what the Jackson Antix 2.0 was made for.”

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