The Best All-Around Accessories for Your Summer Adventures


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Summer 2021 is shaping up to be a big one. But before the adventures are in full swing, you need to pick up all the fresh gear for your hot boy or girl summer. We’ve compiled some of the best all around accessories we love for your adventures this summer. And trust us, you’re going to want it all.

VSSL Camp Supply Kit and Mini First Aid 

Nobody needs a first aid kit, until they do. Have one. Have this one. VSSL has developed an award winning design that helps you keep important tools and gear, organized, and by your side at all times. The Camp Supply Kit and Mini First Aid are incredible products that every outdoors person should have. Each item in both the Camp Supply Kit and the Mini First Aid were carefully selected using the advice of first responders. The Camp Supply Kit is packaged in a sleek, compact tube, fitting perfectly in any adventure pack. The compact design contains 70 pieces of essential outdoor gear. Neatly organized in this watertight aluminum vessel you’ll find,  waterproof matches, a water purification kit, a compass, a wire saw, LED light, mini first aid pack, rope and a razor blade, fishing kit, and so much more. The Mini First Aid packed in the same indestructible, lightweight, watertight tube, contains three supply tins that have truly got your back when things go wrong. The contents of each tin have been carefully chosen by a panel of Search and Rescue Responders, and the author of the Wilderness First Aid Manual for the Canadian Red Cross. Like the Camp Supply Kit, the Mini First Aid is a cool, compact and an easy way to stay prepared. The sleek design of both kits is waterproof and nearly indestructible, ensuring that you have the supplies you need, when you really need them. These incredible compact adventure kits are a great way to ensure peace of mind on any adventure. 

MSRP: $129 (Camp Supply Kit) $70 (Mini First Aid)

Amazon Link: Here 

Product: CAMP SUPPLIES ,  First Aid Mini


VSSL Java + VSSL Flask 

Whether you’re in need of libation for a caffeine boost, or something smooth to celebrate an adventure well had, VSSL has what you need. The VSSL Java is durable, compact, and stunningly designed. With 50 different grind settings the Java makes certain that your beans are prepared perfectly, whatever your preferred brewing method. Select your grind setting, and begin – your coffee will be perfectly ground in under a minute. Not only is the VSSL Java helpful for your perfect cup of joe on any adventure, but it weighs less than 1lb AND can withstand over 200lbs of pressure. You can clip this virtually indestructible gadget onto your backpack or slip it inside and not worry about damage. 

MSRP: $145


Come the end of the day, when coffee has worn off, celebrating a summit, an epic trek, or maybe you’re looking to make a toast, whatever it may be the VSSL Flask is a must have addition to your pack. The Flask holds 9oz of your go-to adventure spirit and comes with two collapsible shot glasses. The compact design also comes equipped with an LED flashlight and a compass, just in case you need a little help finding your way home. You never have to worry about spilling or leaking inside of your pack as this pristine design seals tight and strong enough to withstand whatever your adventure throws at it.  Lightweight, durable way to bring your spirits with you on any adventure, without compromising space in your pack. 

MSRP: $95


YETI Loadout GoBox

LoadOut GoBox 30, Desert Tan

They started out just making coolers but now they seem to be making everything – why? Because they are good at it. YETI has taken the technology they use for their durable adventure-proof coolers, and created a gear case unlike any other. The Loadout GearBox keeps your most important equipment protected and organized. Typical gear cases fail to stand up to the elements they inevitably face on outdoor adventures. YETI’s take on the gear case is waterproof, dustproof, stackable and ready to go wherever you’re headed. It is lightweight and ultra-portable, and still, built to endure extreme sun, or negative temperatures. This gear case can handle the wear and tear of any life and any adventure. The Loadout GearBox makes sure your favorite tools go where you do. 

MSRP: $249.99 

Product: Loadout GoBox 


Black Diamond Equipment Volt Lantern 

Volt Lantern

Some try to find the light, others bring it. A level up from the  Zip Lantern comes the Volt. 250 lumens to light your campsite after dark. Putting up a tent after sundown, or cooking dinner under the stars, this lantern casts light to help you get it done. The Volt lantern has an adaptable power source, accepting either a rechargeable lithium battery, or three AAA’s. This lantern also boasts a USB port to help you charge other devices when you’re in a bind. Packable and space efficient, this lantern can stand on it’s own or hang, be it from a tree, or inside your tent. The Volt is a lantern with the power to provide the light you need on any adventure. 

MSRP: $39.95  

Product: Volt Lantern 


Midland Radio T290 

Midland radios for refs

As much as we like to get away, to remove ourselves from the rat race, sometimes we still need a line of contact. Staying connected when you’re in the outdoors can be a real challenge. Not only is it important to keep your whole crew together, but it’s incredibly helpful when it comes to your safety. The T290 has 22 GMRS channels, a 40 mile range, privacy codes, and the signature Midland weather alert radio. The range of this radio makes it a great choice to keep everyone together in the stickiest of situations. If keeping the group linked up isn’t a worry, what about the unpredictability of mother nature? The weather alert radio automatically let’s you know when severe weather is near you. Be it skiing in the backcountry, hunting, hiking, or overlanding you can be sure you’re safe from extreme weather that could compromise your safety.  The Midland T290 Radio will keep you and your favorite adventure buddies together and out of harm’s way. 

MSRP: $89.99 

Amazon link: Here 

Product: T290


Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller

Does anybody like mosquitos? Better question, does anyone not hate mosquitos? This innovative mosquito repellent protects you for 15 feet in every direction. Powered by the gas canisters you’re likely already carrying for a backpacking stove, the Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller fits easily into your packing list. On buggy adventures, or even just in the backyard this is an essential piece of gear. Mess, spracy, scent, and DEET free this repellent is a safe way to protect yourself from our nasty, buzzing, ever present outdoor companions. The Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller is lightweight, and takes up less room than any alternatives. You won’t regret adding one of these to your pack the next time you head out into the wild. 

MSRP: $39.00 

Amazon Link: Here 


Simm’s Dry Creek Waterproof Gear Pouch

DRY Creek GEAR Pouch 4L Riparian-Camo

It is nice to put the phone away when we get on the water, make sure you put it away somewhere safe. It seems we always need some of our most fragile and important tools closest to us in the outdoors, and thus must face the challenge of keeping them safe and dry. The never ending battle of keeping your most essential goods safe and dry is over. The Simms Dry Creek Waterproof Gear Pouch is the perfect solution to this exact dilemma. On a boat, climb, ride, or wherever the adventure takes you, this 4L pouch will keep your phone, keys, wallets and other essential electronics safe from water damage, and at your side. The Simms Dry Creek Waterproof Gear Pouch is such a no brainer purchase you’ll be wondering how you survived without it before.

MSRP: $59.85 

Product: Dry Creek Waterproof Gear Pouch  

onX Offroad

I remember hopping in my friends 4runner and having no plans for the day until we opened up onX Offroad. This app is any outdoor enthusiasts’ best friend. Over four million people have already downloaded this incredible mapping technology. When you and your crew are trying to get out there, I mean really out there, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a map that could show you 240,000+ miles of roads and trails over 985 million acres of public lands? onX Offroad has got you covered. Never run into an “Area Closed” sign preventing you from fulfilling your adventure dreams ever again! onX Offroad provides you open-close dates and any road restrictions you might face along the way. You’ll never find yourself at a dead end, 20 miles from anywhere, with only an hour of daylight left. You can mark and track your favorite roads and spots so you can always make it back. This app has the most trusted and accurate GPS satellite and topo trail mapping you can find. Using your phone’s GPS onX Offroad can show you full detailed satellite imagery of anywhere you’re trying to go, including remote trails, and campsites. When you’re off-grid, and out of range you can depend on this incredible app to make sure you discover your next favorite place!

Brand/Product: onX Offroad 

Amazon Link: here 

MSRP: $29.99  

Solo Stove Grill 

Grill Ultimate Bundle

Tis the season for grillin’ out – and chillin’ out with friends. As we thaw out from the long winter we’re hungry to spend as much time as possible enjoying the sunshine. That means cooking outside! Tinkering with knobs or struggling to control campfire flames puts a hassle in grilling that no one needs, the Solo Stove Grill solves all that nonsense. The Solo Stove Grill is highly portable and easy to use. Make your culinary skills a part of your next adventure with this highly portable charcoal grill that revolutionizes grilling. Using Solo’s signature 360 degree airflow design charcoal is ready in 10-15 minutes and lasts for up to 45. The Solo Stove Grill will level up your spring and summer al fresco culinary experience. After a year of being cooped up inside – name something you could use more? We’ll wait. 


Link: Solo Stove Grill

Matador Pocket Blanket 

The Matador Pocket Blanket is the wallet sized, go-anywhere seating you’ll never leave home without. This blanket is a dry and clean place to sit that can go wherever you do. Perfect for picnics, river days, summits, concerts (when they safely return), or even helpful in a pinch, the Pocket Blanket is a no brainer purchase. In fact, it’s useful to have a few. One that stays in the car, one in your backpack, etc. Waterproof, puncture resistant and perfect for so many occasions, you need to add the matador to your spring and summer packing list. 

MSRP: $29.99

Link: Matador Pocket Blanket

Big Agnes Sidewinder Sleeping Bag 

Side sleepers have long been camp-cursed by the lack of bags designed with them in mind – Big Agnes just changed that. The Big Agnes Sidewinder is designed with contour, extra insulation and padding to create the perfect sleeping conditions for side sleepers. If you don’t sleep well on your back, sleeping bags can be tricky. You’re always trying to slide the bag around you to get positioned just right. This bag skips all that, and allows you to move naturally and freely throughout the night, all while keeping you warm and comfy on your side. This bag is a much needed innovation for sleeping bag technology. This is a must for all side sleepers. Thank us later. 

MSRP: $149.95-$279.95

Link: Big Agnes Sidewinder Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Torchlight Camp Sleeping Bag

expandable mummy sleeping bags for backpacking and car camping

On the contrary if you are NOT a side sleeper, Big Agnes has new technology for you too! If you have ever thought to yourself that having a bag with adjustable and customizable shape and size is what you need for a better nights sleep when adventuring, bag is for you. These bags feature expandable panels from the shoulders, down the footbox. These panels allow you to expand the bag’s sleep space but up to 10 inches. This bag is also insulated with Fireline Pro-Synthetic Insulation. This allows the bag to distribute heat, without losing it. 

MSRP: $159.95-$179.95

Link: Big Agnes Torchlight Camp Sleeping Bags

The days are getting longer and warm weather adventures are in arms reach! Don’t wait. Get your orders in so that you’re ready to go for whatever paddling adventure presents itself next!

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