And In This Corner, Weighing In At….! Alpacka Hits the Water Running in 2022 With New Lightweight Boat Line-up


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Yes, it sounds like a boxing announcer, and for good reason. Pack raft maker Alpacka is packing in a full, ultralight product line for 2022, unveiling several new boats in the Scout, Ghost and Refuge — all designed to perform better than ever for your hike-to-paddling adventures. Read on for a ClifNotes rundown of what you’ll find in each…


Description: Tipping the scale at 3.3 lbs, the 2022 Scout features a new and improved 10” hull for a variety of conditions. The hull shape is similar to the Classic, which provides substantially better tracking and paddling performance than the original Scout. It also has additional legroom and is comfortable for paddlers up to 6’2”. The result: an incredibly competent ultralight packraft that’s perfect for fastpacking, ultralight backpacking, crossing rivers, canyoneering, and mountain lake fishing.

Use: Fastpacking, Backpacking, Canyoneering and Mountain Lakes

Weight: 3.3 lbs

Alpacka Ghost
The new Alpacka Ghost, which doesn’t weigh much more than one…


Description: The Ghost is the lightest packraft in the Alpacka Raft lineup. Weighing only 2.25lbs (yes, you read that correctly), you’ll barely even notice it in your pack. Utilizing the same new hull shape featured on the 2022 Scout, this packraft is fantastically stable and tracks well for being such a small and light packraft. This baby’s made from a 70d Ripstop Nylon and single-layer seams, making it the lightest functional Alpacka Raft available. The Ghost was designed for those looking to sacrifice durability for weight—perfect for high mountain lakes, river crossings, canyoneering and flatwater ultra-running adventures. It is not designed for more serious beatings from down river travel, whitewater or rocky conditions, so please be advised when purchasing.

Use: River Crossings, Canyoneering, Mountain Lakes, Flatwater Ultra-Running

Weight: 2.25 lbs

Packing up a featherlight Alpacka…


Description: And in this corner, weighing in at only 5.5lbs, the Refuge is the ultimate landscape traverse packraft—perfect for multiday to multiweek adventures with equal parts walking and floating. It utilizes the same 10” hull as the new Scout, but also includes a standard Whitewater deck and cargo fly to fit enough gear for longer trips in the backcountry. When comparing the Refuge to the Classic, it is lightweight and compact, but doesn’t offer as much carrying capacity, durability, or stability. Experienced whitewater paddlers should be able to paddle the occasional Class III rapid in the Refuge, but whitewater and eddylines will be more difficult for novice paddlers. The Refuge is ideal for the experienced wilderness packrafter who can limit their pack weight to 50lbs for a 14-day trip.

Weight: 5.5 lbs



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