Smokeless Fire Made Possible with BioLite’s FirePit+


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Ideal for cool quarantine nights, BioLite’s FirePit+ makes smokeless fire possible in any environment. 

Review by Shae Laplace

When I say that the FirePit+ from BioLite is the 2021 addition to your gear collection you can’t miss, I mean it. Typically when I hear “smokeless fire pit” I roll our eyes and think, luxury gimmick, BioLite’s FirePit+ has totally changed that attitude. This portable, smokeless, fire pit is a seriously kickass and versatile piece of gear. Between cooking, warmth, and the 12,800 mAh power-bank, I was seriously stoked at how much utility this thing has. The BioLite FirePit+ allows you to take THE place for storytelling, music, cooking, connecting, and laughter wherever you go. 

The Many Uses of FirePit+

The FirePit+ is a great way to take your fire with you, and keep it safe and contained. Whether you’re looking for the newest addition to your tailgate set up, something to spice up your camp kitchen, or a contained fire for your own backyard, BioLite has got you. The ability to use the FirePit+ as a charcoal grill and the grill grate feature make it perfect for cooking up a quick bite in the lot after a long day on the mountain. Switch over to burning wood and you’ve got a warm, smokeless, fire to gather round.

One of the features I love most about the FirePit+ is the fan and power-bank. In order to create the smokeless effect, BioLite uses a power-bank that fuels the fan. The fan circulates air around the flames. It is this circulation that prevents the logs from smoking. The Power-bank can also be used to charge devices in a pinch. If you wanna level up your setup even more, BioLite makes multiple varieties of lights that can be plugged into the power-bank. The ambiance of your site or tailgate will be unmatched. The best part? It all comes in a lightweight, highly portable package, that is easy to use and meets a ton of your outdoor needs. 

Safe & Contained

The FirePit+ is beautifully self contained. What the FirePit+ lacks in size it makes up for with 360 views and heat projection through its x-ray mesh. When you need to be fire safe and keep things contained the BioLite is a great tool. When the fans are going, and smokeless mode is engaged, sparks and ash are more under control than with a typical fire pit. Keeping your fire up off the ground also helps mitigate the risk of spreading the flames. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, BioLite also offers a FireMat. The FireMat reflects radiant heat to protect vulnerable surfaces like decks, and lawns, offering that extra level of safety.

Grilling Up 

The FirePit+ includes a grill grate that is perfect for open flame cooking! You can control the size of your flames using the BioLite app, which allows you to have better control over your cooking temp. If you’re ready to level up your chef game even more, BioLite sells a Grill Lid. This lid allows you to use your FirePit+ more like a traditional charcoal or gas grill, trapping in all the heat and delicious smokey flavors. 

Your Best Tailgating Buddy 

Tailgating after a long day on the mountain just got so much better. We can’t tell you how many times that post ski beer has made us wish we had a fire to stand around. Most fire pits out there don’t travel well. Every now and then you’ll someone turn a small charcoal grill into their very own makeshift fire. Those days are no more. Now you’ve got a parking lot safe way to cook and enjoy the warmth of real burning wood. 

The Best Camp Spot or Backyard Setup Ever

We all love a remote and private camp spot, right? Trouble is a lot of the coolest spots out there don’t have a ready to use fire ring. Not to mention, building or preparing your own fire ring goes against Leave No Trace principles. Which we always do our best to follow. With the FirePit+ you can add a safe and contained fire to almost any camp spot, while complying with Leave No Trace. Plus, you can turn any camp spot into a fairytale with BioLite’s SiteLights Mini. If you’re looking for an addition to your backyard, patio or deck setup the FirePit+ is just what you need. Bringing the outdoors right to your home, contained, easy to clean, and easy to move, you won’t regret bringing your BioLite to any outdoor space. 

But Is It Really Smokeless?

Well, no wood and or charcoal burning fire is completely smokeless, but BioLite has created some seriously badass technology that comes pretty close. The equipment that BioLite has created allows you to control the way the log smokes. On calm evenings, the FirePit+ is exactly as it promises to be. On those days where the wind is blowing, the fans inside can’t control the airflow as effectively, as a result you may experience some smoke.

That being said, even on a windy day, the FirePit+ still emits far less smoke than a regular wood burning fire pit. Not to mention that the smoke is controlled in the way it is expelled. This means no dancing around trying to avoid smoke in your eyes. For the most smokeless experience we recommend using the BioLite app to control your flames. Though you can operate the FirePit+ manually, the app helps you to choose the setting that best fits the needs of the moment, and it allows you to manage battery life. Particularly on those days when the breeze is more variable, you’ll definitely love using the app. 

Gear Worth Getting Excited About

The fire pit is a quintessential part of any outdoor gathering. It brings us together, it feeds us, and it inspires us. Memories made around the fire are for many of us, some of our most precious. The ability to take this campfire technology to the many amazing places you go is something seriously special. What may seem like a gimmicky, luxury piece of unnecessary gear will quickly become one of your favorite pieces of outdoor equipment. The BioLite FirePit+ is a seriously kick ass piece of gear, and personally, I’m absolutely stoked about it.

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Staff Post
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