Inside the New Pyranha Firecracker Half-size/Half-slice (by Levi Rhodes)


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Get ready to light your fuse and blast off. Pyranha’s new Firecracker is an explosive, downriver freeride energy machine that will up your play game on the water.

What is it? The Firecracker is a #HalfSizeHalfSlice to whip into every micro-eddy, snap onto every wave, and get vertical absolutely everywhere. No matter who you are, pro athlete or average Joe, you’ll be able to throw this around, sky-gaze, and have the comfort and confidence to nail new moves. The half-slice design means it’s compact and lightweight, while half the size means twice the potential for getting airborne. With a spinnable, surfable, stable planing hull, and a bow that stays dry downriver, you can use it to party your way downriver in style, while also relaxing on your regular river run.

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In His Own Words (A Review by Levi Rhodes)

(Paddler: Wade Harrison/Photographer: Paul Parsons)

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the Pyranha Firecracker over the past few weeks and have found it to be an absolute blast. It offers an in-between for fans of the Ozone and Ripper, that want a shorter, more playful half-slice. With a poppy bow, sleek stern, and wide hull, it paddles with a nice balance of playfulness and forgiveness.

Pyranha FirecrackerPyranha packed a pleasant amount of volume into a highly rockered but short bow, which offers booming skips when paddling downstream, and keeps the bow dry when surfing. Though the bow likes to stay high and dry, playboaters will be pleased with how capable it is to throw down and feel some pop in their loops. Surfers will love the way the water sprays away from them rather than climbing over the bow and pearling. The high knee placement makes for a comfortable paddle position and riders won’t be worried about, whether or not their big shoes will fit.

PyranhaPaddlers will also find it a touch wider than many of Pyranha’s other recent models. Its planing hull gently curves to a nice edge that isn’t so sharp and grabby but is just enough to carve on. I really like what they’ve done with this edge; it’s just enough to work with but novices won’t find it to be too aggressive.

It also has one of the most fun sterns I’ve played with. What little volume it has is distributed nicely, which gives it a hint of a buoyant pop yet engages with ease. And this thing loves to get vertical. Folks who are looking to learn how to initiate their stern are going to love it. I can do tailees in this boat in places that were too shallow for my Ripper or a full-sized half-slice.

But I am facing a personal dilemma because of this boat… I love my Ozone and Ripper, but this does what I love about both of them. It’s so forgiving and fun that it can accommodate such a wide variety of paddlers. I’d put a friend in it for their first time, recommend it to an intermediate looking to get more playful with their home runs, and experienced paddlers will love how explosive freestyle moves can be with it.

Pyranha FirecrackerI’ve been paddling the 242 which is the Medium size. I consider myself to be at the middle of the weight range, at 145 lbs. My friends who weigh 110 lbs. also really enjoyed the way it paddled, though they had to add a lot of foam to fill it out properly. Folks on the upper end of the weight range will find it more sporty, but the cockpit has so much room that they won’t be uncomfortable.

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LengthWidthWeightCockpit Paddler Weight Range
imperial7′ 11″26″40lb36″20.5″135-200lb


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Staff Post
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  1. The InaZone is back!!! Hooray! This should be the I:5, but I’ll take one with any name. (The Ozone should not have a zone name, but that’s a different rant.)


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