Photo Caption Contest Winners!


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We can “bearly” contain ourselves…The results are in from our latest Photo Caption Contest, and they’re, well, unbearably funny, with the top three winning prizes from our coveted Paddling Life Schwag Closet! Read on for some whitewater witticisms…

And the Winners Are:

Top 3: 

Name: Eli Ren

Caption: It was as Frank entered the rapid, that he realized he should have done more research into “full-face” helmets before he made his online purchase.

Name: Louise Paradis

Caption: “It’s cold, but bearable!”

Name: Steve O

Caption: “Did someone say honey at the finish?”


Other Entries to Bear in Mind

Name: Charles Rettiger
Caption: “Follow me, folks! I think we can make it over these falls—I did it in a cartoon yesterday no problem!”


Reuben Glass
Caption: “Remind me again, who invited Fozzie Bear on this kayaking trip? He’s a beast on that paddle.”


Louis Paradis
Caption: “Hey, Boo Boo…bring the heating pad for my frozen buttocks!

“I’m running late to hibernate!”

“I should’ve stayed at A&W where a frosty one was root beer…not a root bear.”

“Does this kayak make me look fat?”



Christopher Connolly
Caption: “Sure hope it’s a ‘between swims’ kinda day …”


Tim Litch
Caption: Eager students queuing up for instruction from the master … to learn the dog paddle stroke!


Tabitha Olson
Caption: This is how Ice Cube kayaks!


Frank J Perruccio
Caption: It was a woof day on the river today.

How do you like my new helmet?

Leader of the pack

Dam, my nose itches so bad!

I shouldn’t have taught my dog to paddle, now he wants to lead all the time.

My ears are freezing, I wish I had his insulated helmet.



Tim B reade
Caption: Smarter than the average bear


Caption: You know you’re in for rough waters when you bear down on the paddle.


Cid Caputo
Caption: “Hey Boo Boo, I paddle better than the av-er-age bear!”


Wesley Schultz
Caption: Smoky the Bear, look out. This BooBoo is about put out your freakin’ flame!


Caption: A famous race car driver named Colin Chapman once said: “If you want to be faster add lightness”…Stuffed animals have a natural advantage.


Caption: Holy shit this is so fun I can “bearly” contain myself!


Lucia Whitten
Caption: “Oh no, BooBoo! They’re after the pic-a-nik basket!”


Sandra Davis
Caption: Yogi you will be the first one to the island and be able to put out the fire before anyone else!


Del Behnken
Caption: “Let’s follow the bear! He knows a shortcut to the fishing hole!”


Thomas Gibson
Caption: Bearing down the rapids. Say it ain’t so.


Eugene Buchanan
Caption: “Follow his lion…”



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