Oru Launches Kickstarter for “Lake” Kayak (Its Lightest Breakdown Yet)


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Oru Kayak is at it again, this time unveiling what it calls its most groundbreaking origami boat design to date with its new Lake kayak, the lightest, fast-to-set-up, and affordable origami kayak Oru has ever produced.

Billing it as “the lightest non-inflatable kayak on the market” the “Lake” comes in at just 18 lbs., unfolds from box-to-boat in under 2 minutes (at least once you have it dialed), and retails for $200 less than the Inlet — $699 (with a presale price of $450).

“The defining principle of this boat is simplicity—both in terms of customer experience/accessibility and design ethos,” says Oru founder and chief designer Anton Willis. “We make origami kayaks, and this boat is the essence of that; it’s the most purely “origami” thing we’ve ever made. That origami magic is what leads people to stand around unfolding kayaks and pester owners with questions. We’re taking away everything unnecessary so we can focus on those moments of wonder.”

And it folds up into its own briefcase!

With an eye towards spatial efficiency, Oru trimmed away all unnecessary components from their standard design, leaving only two loose parts to assemble: a foldable shell and a custom-folded floorboard with built-in 18mm memory foam seat. This floorboard design gives the Lake its rigidity and replaces the need for bulkheads, while precisely placed folds substitute for bow and stern closures. Voila! What remains: a fully functional 9-foot kayak that can be stored three deep in the trunk of a car and assembled in under 2 minutes.

Lake Dimensions:

Assembled boat: 9’ X 32”

  • Box dimensions: 42” X 10” X 18” (similar in size to Oru’s Inlet but collapsible paddle nests inside for one convenient package)
  • Weight: 18 lbs (10% lighter than the Inlet and the lightest non-inflatable in the world)
  • Assembly time: under 2 minutes (33% faster than the Inlet)
  • Total amount of parts: x2 (50% less parts than all other Oru Kayaks)
  • Retail price: $699
The Lake is Oru’s lightest breakdown kayak to date.

The launch of the Lake goes live on Kickstarter at 7am PST on 3/29 at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/orukayak/oru-kayak-lake

Watch video here: https://bit.ly/3i66LyH.


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