Jackson Wins Little White Extreme Race (Bonus: Watch Vid of Top 4 Racers Side-by-Side!)


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Dane Jackson came out swinging at one of the first extreme kayak races of the season, winning the 2021 Little White Salmon Race on April 17. The win sets him up for the Homestake Race at the GoPro Games in Colorado in early June.

Low water levels of only 2.5 on the gauge almost cancelled the race, but 25 competitors still forged on, with the day dawning warm and sunny, starting at 2 minute intervals.

Jackson styled his line the cleanest, finishing in 15:58, 22 seconds ahead of second-place finisher Andi Brunner at 16:20.

“The Little White Race may not have been at its highest flows this year but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best race courses out there,” says Jackson. “I love the challenge of so many moves packed over 16 minutes, and especially at those lower flows you can’t get lazy with any of the moves from top to bottom.”

The low water made some of the moves more difficult, even for Jackson, with the course becoming  super technical and physically demanding. But it wasnn’t enough to knock Jackson off the podium. “I made a few smaller mistakes but it’s hard to complain,” he says. “Small mistakes are easier to make up over such a long course. Although it was a small year, I am glad to see plenty of people came out to support those guys taking their time to put a race on. Hats off to Evan and Capo for organizing the race—it was amazing.”

Watch super cool side-by-side-by-side-by-side video here:

Video of the top 4:

Dane Jackson 00:15:58
Andi Brunner 00:16:20
Isaac Levinson 00:16:25
Isaac Hull 00:16:37
Rush Sturges 00:16:42
Tad Dennis 00:16:46
Geoff Calhoun 00:16:49
Hayden Voorhees 00:16:58
Galen Volckhausen 00:17:02
Tyler Bradt 00:17:06
Gregory Lee 00:17:22
Izaak Castren 00:17:29
Leif Anderson 00:17:43
Bryar Skinner 00:17:45
Axel Hovorka 00:17:55
Joe Vincent 00:18:11
Max Blackburn 00:18:20
Brent Stoppe 00:18:25
Zach McFarland 00:18:40
Adam Edwards 00:18:54
Thomas Franco 00:19:53

Women’s Results

Natalie Anderson 00:18:00
Darby McAdams 00:18:01
Anna Wagner 00:19:13
Melissa Vaughn 00:19:53


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