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Red Bull Eat Your Heart Out: Ride the Bull Kayak Tournament Has Anglers After Bull Reds

Talk about an event Red Bull might want to sponsor: they catch bull reds. The Ride the Bull Kayak Tournament, sponsored by Wilderness Systems,...

Hurricane Aquasports Is Saving Manatees One Kayak at a Time

In an effort to help preserve West Indian manatees -- imperiled aquatic mammals native to North America and Central and South America -- Hurricane...

Kayak Makers KL Outdoor, GSC Technologies Merge  

Two of the biggest rec kayak manufacturers in the industry, Michigan-based KL Outdoor and Quebec-based GSC Technologies, have merged to form Hemisphere Design Works. Announced...

“Kayak Kevin” Off On 1,000-Mile “Ocean Kayak Trident Fishing Tour 2017” (Florida Keys to Chesapeake Bay)

If Virginia is for lovers, it’s also for kayak fish lover and Norfolk resident and Ocean Kayak pro Kayak Kevin Whitley. Whitley is a man of many passions—in his early life, skateboarding, snowboarding, and playing guitar in several hardcore bands—and for the past decade and a half, kayak fishing. Now he's taking his love for the latter on a 1,000-mile kayak fishing traipse up the East Coast...

Schwag the Halls! PL’s Random Schwag Sampler from 2016

What all gear did we get our hands on this year at the Paddling Life offices? Read on for schwag we put through its paces paddling, aprèsing and all places in between.

Industry Mourns Loss of Innova Kayaks Founder Tim Rosenhan; IK pioneer leaves long-lasting legacy

The close-knit paddlesports community lost one of its most passionate members when Innova founder Tim Rosenhan unexpectedly passed away Oct. 24 at age 68 in Twisp, Washington. “Tim was truly passionate about getting people on the water at an affordable price by importing a quality European-made inflatable,” says Larry Laba, owner of SOAR Inflatables...

Year of the Fish Kayak

Remember when all the new kayaks used to come out in the whitewater category? Now it’s in fish kayaks, with a slew of companies unveiling new fish kayaks this year to better land lunkers and consumers. PL offers a sneak peak at this year’s line-up…

The World’s Smallest Kayak?

Honey, I shrunk the boat! With all due credit to Jackson Kayak for its kid-sized Fun1 line, now that he has a child of his own who else but longtime boat designer Corran Addison would design an even smaller kayak for his kid? Read on for a step-by-step photo sequence of the glorified foamie getting built…

Gear-o’rama: Paddlesports Gear Roundup!

What does five days of hob-knobbing with the top players in paddlesports at the annual Outdoor Retailer tradeshow in Salt Lake City get you? Red eyes, sore feet, a couple of Utah-beer, bloated-belly hang-overs and the following rundown of a few products you’ll see on retailers’ shelves this coming season…

New Prowler Big Game II Fishing Kayak from Ocean Kayak

Latest fishing kayak from Ocean Kayak boasts a host of advancements.

Portable Kayaks from Folbot Designed for Hunting & Fishing Sportsman

After 80 years of producing foldable kayaks for the active paddler, Folbot has renewed their focus on hunters and anglers in 2014 with the launch of the “Sporting Life” Kayak with Reeltree Camo and Outriggers.

New Dry Suits Coming from Level Six

Ottawa-based paddlesport apparel maker Level Six is introducing two new drysuits at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer tradeshow in Salt Lake City, building on more than eight years of research and Olympic paddling experience to perfect the designs.

New Sea Kayaker’s DVD Guide to Rolling

In what is billed as the new standard in how-to-roll DVD’s, “This is the Roll,” provides technical demonstrations on some of sea-kayaking’s hardest moves. World-class instructors Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson demonstrate and teach the three most important Greenland style rolls for open water paddlers: The Standard Roll, the Reverse Sweep and the Storm Roll.

Fluid Sit-On-Top Whitewater Kayak Hits Markets in 2012

The fear of being trapped in a closed-hull boat with a spray skirt is a barrier for may entry-level whitewater paddlers. Fluid hopes to eliminate that fear with their new sit-on-top whitewater kayak. Designed with hull characteristics similar to their top end whitewater kayaks, while providing superb stability and confidence, this new boat may make the difference for whitewater enthusiasts interested in learning to kayak.

Wilderness Systems Earns a Hat-Trick With Third Consecutive “Boat Brand of the Year” Award

Wilderness Systems remains king with third consecutive "Boat Brand of the Year" award. The entire outdoor retail community descended on Salt Lake City, Utah to celebrate at this year's Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

OR Paddlesports Preview

Once a year, industry bigwigs gather in Salt Lake City for the annual Outdoor Retailer tradeshow, where those lucky enough to attend can ooh and ahh over paddlesport manufacturers' new designs for the upcoming year. For those smart enough to stay on the water instead, here's a quick PL sneak peak of what the tradeshow cronies will see...

Spotlight: Ocean Kayak Founder Tim Niemier

Tim Niemier, 59, has always thought outside the box...or cockpit. It was in his garage in Malibu, Calif., in 1971 that he indented a surfboard hull to create the world’s first sit-on-top kayak. By the time he sold Ocean Kayak to Johnson Outdoors in 1997, nearly every kayak manufacturer worldwide had a sit-on-top in its line. Forty years later, the visionary’s light bulbs still burn at his Wild Designs firm as he tries to get more people out on the water...

Current Designs Gets New Look

Current Designs s getting more current. At least, that'sthe premise behind a new brand identity, logo and boat graphics...

Super-size Me

Paddling Life is on hand at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market tradeshow, to bring you not-in-the-industry folk up to speed on what’s going down. First installment: a look at products for the stockier set. Turns out that Morgan Spurlock, whose 30-day McDonald's diet documented the fast-food industry, isn’t the only one going super size. Paddlesport exhibitors are also banking on beefier consumers by churning out products that excel for XLs. Following are a few tipping the scales.

The Bamba: Fluid Kayak’s New Fishing Kayak

Kayakers might soon be catching a whole lot more fish, thanks to a few Kiwis. After months of R&D, New Zealand's Fluid Kayaks has placed their dedicated fishing kayak into full production: La Bamba!

Hog Island Unveils New “Green” Sit-on-top Kayak

A small drift boat and kayak company in Northwest Colorado is going Hog wild. Tapping the burgeoning rec kayak market, rotomolded driftboat manufacturer Hog Island Boatworks has introduced a new eco-friendly sit-in-top kayak made from 100 percent recycled plastic...PL checks in.

A Very Convenient Truth

Al Gore is not the only global warming crusader. Three sea kayakers are in the middle of a mission to the world’s most desolate place, Antarctica, to call attention to rising-thermometers as well as Antarctica's first self-supported kayak expedition...

Hottest Gear at OR

The Outdoor Retailer Trade Show showcases new adventure products of all types, from the eminently practical to the downright esoteric, and the expo this August was no exception. PL sifted through the maw of hardware and came up with a list of schwag paddlers will be going ga-ga over from the upcoming fall sales through the end of the next season.

The Guru of Garage Storage. A PL Profile on Talic’s Tim Tucker

With a company name honoring his great, great grandfather Nicholae Talic, a woodworker from The Netherlands, Tim Tucker is changing the way paddlers store their boats...

Latest news

Advanced Elements Launches New Packlite+ Packraft Series

Advanced Elements, a longtime maker of drop-stitch construction inflatable kayaks, has launched into the packraft market with its new...
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Bosnia to Host 2022 World Rafting Champs

COVID can’t cancel a rafting comp. That’s the world from the International Rafting Federation, which, after two years of...

Sneak Peak: Bent Shaft, 4-Piece Breakdown from Aqua-Bound; Bonus: Beyond the Paddle Vid!

Aqua-Bound (and sister company Bending Branches) consists of a tight knit group of more than three-dozen dedicated paddlers that walk through...

Must read

Three SOTs from Pelican

While Pelican Sports might have recently acquired Confluence and...

Hasta Luego, PADDLEexpo

It was great while it lasted. But, like a...
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Filmaker and Class V Kayaker, Brook Aitken on filming

Oscar winning documentary “The Cove” has been making waves in the film world since its premier at the Sundance Film Festival last January. The film, which has brought the plight of dolphin hunts to the forefront of environmental activism, was filmed “guerrilla-style” without permission of the Japanese government. PL sat down with a pivotal member of the renegade film crew, Class V Kayaker and film-maker Brook Aitken for a dose of what it was like on set…

U.S. Olympic Slalom Team Named After Switzerland’s Cardiff World Cup

While Great Britain’s David Florence made history at this weekend’s Cardiff World Cup in Switzerland, winning his second gold medal of the weekend in C2, for the U.S. all eyes were on who would make the final cut for the five-spot Olympic team heading to London. In the end, it was Scott Parsons (K1), Caroline Queen (WK1), Eric Hurd/Jeff Larimer (C2) and Casey Eichfeld (C1)...

New 24-Hour Record Set!

The pedal vs. paddle debate has been settled…for now. Canadian Greg Kolodziejzyk recently set a new world record for the furthest distance traveled in 24 hours over flat water in a human-powered boat by pedaling his boat 151.3 miles (245.16 km) in 24 hours on Whitefish Lake, Montana...