Rafts Gone Wild

Girls aren't the only thing that have gone wild. Inflatable manufacturers have also, introducing a slew of new rafts to the market, including the following look at new 14-footers, perhaps the most versatile size on the market. So start pumping...

Testing C4 Waterman’s Inflatable Paddle Board

Want to try the latest rage of paddle boarding, but don’t have the garage acreage to stash your board? Rest easy, oh space-deprived one. C4 Waterman’s new 11-foot Uli is a breakdown, inflatable paddle board that handles nearly as well as its more traditional, non-breakdown cousins. We put it through the test from Baja to the alpine lakes of Colorado...

Aire Ocelot and Jaguarundi

Getting down the river and having a good time is never mutually exclusive. So in the name of fun, AIRE has redesigned its Ocelot ($1,799, pictured) and Jaguarundi ($1,999) catarafts.

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Chile, Colorado Kayak Pioneer Robbie Dastin Passes Away

Mourning the loss of Robbie Dastin Longtime Chilean and Colorado kayakers — especially those of the slightly older persuasion —...
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Kokatat HustleR Rescue PFD Review

Kokatat is at it again with an update to its popular HustlerR Rescue PFD (Video and photos by Aaron Wagoner)  Do...

PL Exclusive: Video Interview with Ben Stookesberry!

Ben Stookesberry talks recovering from an injury, The Dynamic of Expedition Kayaking, the state of whitewater kayaking today. Adventure kayaking...

Must read

Catching Up with AIRE Co-founder Alan Hamilton

What better place to run into one of Idaho’s,...

Supalicious: 5 Top Inflatable SUPs for Every Occasion

Class III rapids? SUP it. Waves? Those, too. Lake?...
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One More Time, With Feeling: Freya Hoffmeister Plans 30,000-mile Sea Kayak Navigation of North America

She's Baaaaack! Freya Hoffmeister, that is, the mega paddler who, after circumnavigating Australia and South America, recently announced plans to circumnavigate the entire North American continent by sea kayak. Whoa....

World Freestyle Kayak Champs Come to Plattling

So the Bruins won the Stanley Cup and the Mavericks the NBA title. Big whoop. The real action is in Plattling, Germany, where 225 of the best freestyle paddlers in the world from 28 countries – including newcomers Slovenia, India, Argentina and Brazil – rip up a river-wide wave on the Isar River for the World Freestyle kayak Championships June 20-20. PL checks in, with a special look at who to watch for...

Astral breaks new ground with their Greenjacket

Astral does it again. Check out their latest whitewater rescue jacket. Its slim, its sleek and it looks even more comfortable than the jacket that has become the standard for many pros, the Aquavest 300. But maybe best of all, its made with eco-friendly materials. Check out what makes the newest, the greatest.