Madawaska Kanu Centre Launches Teen Paddling Program

Katrina Van Wijk heads up a two week paddling journey for water warrior teens.

Boat Review: The Dagger Jitsu

Okay...after a summer of playboating, it's time to come clean on the new Jitsu playboat from Dagger, which will have you yelling “Wasaaaaaw!” like a crazed martial artist...

Team 8 Ball to Represent U.S. Men at World Rafting Championships

Fresh from a win at the National Rafting Championships on the Arkansas River’s Royal Gorge, Vail, Colo.’s Team 8 Ball is looking to put teams from 40 other countries behind the eight ball at November’s World Rafting Championships in New Zealand.

Three-time World Slalom Champion Scott Shipley One of Countless Evacuated from Lyons in Colorado Floods

If you’re going to get flooded out of your house, it helps if you’re as familiar with water as three-time World Cup Slalom Champion Scott Shipley is...

Czech, Mate

For the host Czech Republic, it was solid results all around at the ICF World Slalom Championships in Prague, as Vavrinec Hradilek and Jiri Prskavec (CZE) clinched Gold and Silver, respectively, in the Men's K1 finals on the freshly flood-recovered Vltava River.

Gauley Fest: A Festivus for the Restivus

Practice up your Roshambo. Yep, it's Gauley Fest season, American Whitewater’s biggest fundraiser, held every third weekend in September. This year's even will be held Sept. 17-19 on West Virginia’s Gauley River, where, if you're lucky, you can beat the grandmaster Woody Callaway of Liquidlogic Kayaks at his own game of Rock, Paper. Scissors...

Germany’s PADDLEexpo 2013 Kicks Off Global 2014 Season

Whitewater Hall of Fame award presentation will also take place at PADDLEexpo, now the world's leading paddlesports-only tradeshow, in its 11th year.

Flood, Schmud: Slalom World Championships Head to Prague, Czech Republic, Sept. 12-15

So it’s not the US Open or World Cup soccer finals. But it is the Superbowl of slalom, which heads to Prague, Czech Republic, Sept. 12-15, just months after a record flood where the world’s best slalom paddlers will battle it out in the World Championships...

The Reign of Dane: Dane Takes K1 Worlds Crown for Men, Britain’s O’Hara Nabs Top Spot for Gals

For today’s top freestyle kayakers, the reign of Dane is proving to be a pain. Dane Jackson wrapped up his first-ever Men’s Kayak World Freestyle Championships gold medal at the Nantahala Outdoor Center this weekend, with a blistering, high-flying, high-scoring performance leaving other competitors in his wake. For the women, Britain’s Claire O’Hara proved equally domineering, securing the title for the second time running…

2013 Freestyle Worlds to Feature Revolutionary New Scoring System

New scoring technology developed by NOC brings more spectator appeal to freestyle kayaking.

Bergans of Norway Ally Folding Canoe

What's better than a canoe you can carry on your back? A strong, responsive, quiet, stable, lightweight and reliable canoe you can carry on your back. Ally's seven folding canoe models all fit this bill with the versatility to power through some serious whitewater or take your family on a flatwater cruise.

Whitewater Parks International (WPI) to Design World’s Newest Whitewater Stadium

The Wero Project whitewater stadium in Auckland, New Zealand will be created by Colorado’s Whitewater Parks International, slated for completion by 2015.

Sperry Moving Aggressively Into Paddlesports

Spring 2014 will expand Sperry's performance water-shoe product line to it's largest offering yet.

Holy Smoky Mountains! 2013 Freestyle Kayaking World Championships Come to Bryson City, N.C.’s NOC Sept. 2-8

Who’s it going to be this time around? Yep, it’s freestyle kayaking’s biggest stage in two years again, with the 2013 Freestyle Kayaking World Championships coming to Bryson City, N.C.’s NOC Sept. 2-8, drawing paddlers from around the globe. The question is, will the Brits prevail again, with 2011 World Champs James Bebbington and Clair O’Hara able to retain their coveted kayaking crowns?

Canoe Tripper Kevin Callan Takes on Cooking

Camping and canoe enthusiast Kevin Callan’s latest calling is cooking. That’s right. You can now learn some of his tricks of the canoeing culinary trade in his latest offering, The New Trailside Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes for the Camp Chef written in conjunction with dietitian Margaret Howard…

Dates, Location Set for 2013 Whitewater Symposium

Want to talk shop and learn from the whitewater industry’s top paddlers, retailers and instructors? The dates and location have been set for the 2013 National Whitewater Symposium, where you can hob-knob, brush elbows, paddle and drink beers with the best of them…

Second Annual American Made Outdoor Gear Awards Open for Entry

Kokatat has begun accepting applications for the 2014 American Made Outdoor Gear Awards celebrating companies who, like Kokatat, have dedicated themselves to American manufacturing and sourcing.

NRS Acquires WRSI Helmets

Partnering to bring safer, more affordably priced helmets to the paddlesports community, NRS hopes to increase the production and distribution of WRSI's revolutionary helmet.

Firefighters Dream of Ice and a Northwest Passage Record

Two firefighters head into the Arctic Circle, hoping to beat the fall freeze and become the first team to kayak the 3500 km Northwest Passage in a single season.

Bad Weather Did Not Deter Solo Paddle Around Iceland

On August 1, 2013, Icelandic sea kayaker Guðni Páll Viktorsson completed the multi-month, 1,550-mile circumnavigation of his home country.

OR Summer Market New Product Recap

At this year's Outdoor Retailer Summer Market tradeshow, the biggest schmooze and product fest in the industry, paddlesports manufacturers again pulled out all the stops to make paddling better than ever. Read on for a quick recap straight from the floor show of what's out there...

C&K Awards Highlight OR Summer Market Tradeshow

When Rob Lesser accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award from Canoe & Kayak magazine at this year’s outdoor Retailer Summer Market tradeshow in Salt Lake City, he was quick to praise today’s younger generation of paddlers for carrying the torch. That was just one of many highlights at this year’s show as the 2013 Canoe & Kayak Awards presented by Verizon brought the industry together for one heckuva gala evening…

Duo Sets Yukon River Rowing Records

A pair of paddlers broke several records paddling a 440-mile stretch of Canada's Yukon River in an unsupported voyage in their custom-made canoe in just little over two days.

Send a Tweet, Save a River

Tweeters can help save the Colorado River. At this year’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market tradeshow July 30-Aug. 4, river runners and more are being asked to tweet a simple message to former REI CEO and current Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell– who leads the major federal agency that makes policy on the Colorado River – to help save the West's greatest waterway…

Latest news

Bosnia to Host 2022 World Rafting Champs

COVID can’t cancel a rafting comp. That’s the world from the International Rafting Federation, which, after two years of...
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PL Q&A: Solo Stove’s CEO John Merris Discusses Acquisition of Oru Kayak, ISLE SUPs

There’s a new paddlesports conglomerate in town, built by fire. Southlake, Texas’s Solo Stove has been lighting a fire under...

Oly Champs Descend On World Champs

Call it medal mania. All four Tokyo champions will look to create history this weekend when they attempt to...

Must read

Race to Alaska Organizers Shift Gears

The premise of Race to Alaska (R2AK) is quite...
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Safety with Drevo: Tips to Keeping your River Trips Safe

There may be no safer time to throw yourself off of Class V waterfall than in a kayaking race with nearly 1,000 spectators. But at this year’s Green Race, like all races, that’s because safety was a key to its success. PL sought out the safety king himself, Sam Drevo of eNRG kayaking, who is a Rescue III Swiftwater Rescue Instructor and helped organize safety at the 2008 Gorge Games, to remind us how the rest of us can make sure we’re mitigating risks. Even when there’s not a trophy at stake.

Babushkas, Borscht, and…BOATS!?!?!

Ah Slovenia, land of babushkas, borscht, and…boats. That’s right, boats. Lots of ‘em. Most of the western world wouldn’t consider the former Soviet Republic a hotbed of paddling action. However, here in the PL office we know better. The 2010 edition of the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships just wrapped up from the Tacen Whitewater Course on the Sava River, keep reading for highlights of all the action and results…

Grand Gets CFS Boost from Experimental Release

Okay, we’ve all heard enough about the shut-down in the Grand Canyon. Now let’s hear it for a little opening up…of the flood gates. While not quite at Kenton Grua’s 70,000 cfs level when he set the record speed descent run as documented in Kevin Fedarko’s acclaimed The Emerald Mile, river runners reveled in a nearly 37,000-cfs experimental release in mid-November, bringing monstrosities like Lava, Crystal Hermit and more roaring to life…