Outfitter Offers Sea Kayaking Trip on Siberia’s Kamchatka Peninsula


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What would you do if you took a trip to Siberia, had the time of your life, and wanted to share it with friends? If you’re Australia’s Michael Schneider, you found a company specializing in that exact thing, targeting the Kamchatka coastline for your next sea kayaking adventure.

“It’s vast, rugged and largely uninhabited,” says 56th Parallel’s Tom Swift. “It’s truly a spectacular destination for sea kayaking.”

Located in the far east of Russia, Kamchatka is a volcanic region adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. While it’s been a paradise for intrepid private paddlers for many years, adventure travel company 56th Parallel is now opening it up to international guests.

“Kayaking in Kamchatka is about exploring bays, islets and caves, getting you closer to the wild inhabitants than you ever imagined,” adds Swift of the 100-km. journey.
The trip traces the coastline of the peninsula south from the calm waters of Avacha Bay beneath the shadows of snowy volcanoes and into the incredible Starichkova Island Nature Reserve. Along the way you’re likely to encounter everything from Steller’s sea lions to dolphins.

But make sure you have your game on. “It’s a challenging backcountry kayaking and camping expedition, suitable for experienced paddlers,” says Swift. “You’ll pit your skills against some of the most remote tracts of wilderness on the planet.”

See more a href=”http://www.56thparallel.com/tour/kayaking-in-kamchatka#sthash.60MiXR8k.dpuf” target=”_blank”>HERE –

Notes from the Founder
“My business ventures in Russia were successful, and over the years I made dozens of trips to the region and made many lifelong friends. I realized I’d stumbled upon something life changing, something I was passionate about sharing with the world. I realized I’d laid the groundwork for a new kind of business – a travel company. In 2011, 56th Parallel was born. Through our tours and experiences, I hope to show the world the real Siberia, and give people the chance to fall in love with this extraordinary part of the planet, just as I did.

Siberia is off the beaten track for tourists, and in the past it gained an unsavory reputation. But that’s because it was completely misunderstood. The truth is that this is an area of breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife and warm hearted friendly people. Every footstep feels like the first. It’s like discovering a new place on earth every time we visit, with unique and different experiences for everyone. It has a way of touching your life like very few other places on the planet.”

Info: www.56thparallel.com


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